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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Connectify 7 Hotspot Pro + Dispatch PRO Crack/Keygen/Serial Number
Connectify 7
Connectify 7 has finally arrived, and includes DISPATCH LITEWe are thrilled to announce the release of Connectify 7. There are a lot of new goodies for both Hotspot and Dispatch users here, and we think you’re going to love it. For starters, Connectify 7 now includes Dispatch Lite, a free, feature-limited version of our popular load-balancing software. More than any previous release, Connectify 7 was developed hand-in-hand with members of the Connectify Community. In features fact, there is several improvement that is optimized to work better than the previous version of Connectify, like the Connectify 6, and the Connectify 5 which both is offered with the Dispatch PRO and of course the Hotspot PRO for free! Since the Connectify 5 version, our site is known as the most popular and working cracks, keygen and serial number for Connectify Crack and any other software cracks. So, today we would like to announce that the crack for Connectify 7 Hotspot PRO & Dispatch PRO is know released! (Exclusively only on our site). Some key features for the Connectify 7 Hotspot PRO & Dispatch PRO will be note down below :

Dispatch Features

  • New Dispatch Lite
    • Huge news, Connectify Dispatch can now be used for free in Lite mode! Use multiple Internet connections at the same time for faster web browsing and downloads. Dispatch Lite lets you combine connections to get that burst of speed when you really need it. Features such as Per Application Settings, Unlimited Usage, Connection Metering, and Connection Priority are only available to Dispatch PRO users.
  • New Dispatch Dashboard
    • The Connectify Dispatch user interface has been completely overhauled and improved. The network adapters are now shown in a responsive table which can be sorted based on any adapter statistics. The window is easily resized to either much larger, or much smaller sizes while still remaining useful. Everything looks better, and is more consistent with the interface that we rolled out for Hotspot in Connectify 6.
Connectify 7 Dispatch Screenshot
Connectify 7 Dispatch PRO
  • Now support for SFTP and FTP connections
    • Dispatch now recognizes that it must group together FTP and SFTP connections to the same host onto the same Internet connection. 
  • Improved Dispatch Help
    • Dispatch Help, About, and Credits screens got some well-deserved love and improved formatting
  • Dispatch better recognizes applications
    • In Dispatch application settings, we fixed a problem where the software would not properly recognize and remember settings for 32-bit applications running on a 64-bit Windows system. Also, it now recognizes applications whose names are nothing but white space.

Hotspot Features

  • New ‘Set DHCP Range’ Feature for Hotspot
    • This release adds the ability to set the DHCP range that Connectify Hotspot assigns to client devices. It’s available to PRO users under Settings -> Advanced -> Set DHCP Range. You can select ranges that either start with 192.168.*.* or 10.*.*.*. Unless you have a specific reason to lock your Hotspot to one range, we suggest using the default “Dynamically Managed” mode, as this will allow Hotspot to choose an IP range that will not conflict with any network that you’ve ever used.
  • Added ‘Pause Mode’ Setting to Menu 
    • In Hotspot Settings- > Advanced, there is a new ‘Pause on No Internet’ setting, which is checked by default. Connectify automatically “pauses” and stops your Hotspot if there are no clients and no Internet connections (this is how Connectify has behaved for years, by the way). The default Pause Mode is usually a good thing, as it stops you from accidentally joining Hotspots that can’t get on the Internet. However, if you want your Hotspot to stay running all the time, even if there’s no Internet, then you can uncheck this setting in the menu.
  • New ‘Sleep Mode’ Setting for Hotspot 
    • This setting, under Settings -> Advanced -> Allow Sleep While Running, lets you control whether Hotspot allows the computer to go to sleep while your Hotspot is running. By default it is set to avoid allowing the computer to go to sleep. Note that this only prevents the timer in Power Options from putting the computer to sleep. Closing the laptop or explicitly choosing “Hibernate” or “Sleep” from the computer’s Power Menu overrides this Connectify setting.
  • New ‘Always Show Ad Hoc’ Setting for Hotspot 
    • By default, Hotspot does not list the Ad Hoc Sharing Modes, as the additional settings caused confusion for many users. That said, for those who wish to use Ad Hoc mode, there is now an option in the Menu under Settings -> Display -> Always Show Ad Hoc to get the old behavior back.

Common Features

  • New Startup Options Feature
    • By popular demand, there is a new ‘Connectify Startup Options’ window, which you can reach either through the Start Screen or via the Settings Menu in Dispatch or Hotspot. This allows you to control which components of Connectify start when Windows boots. You can control whether the user interfaces run, whether the Connectify Service starts, and whether Dispatch and Hotspot automatically start routing or broadcasting, respectively. You must be an Administrator to run this window, and Windows will prompt you with the User Account Control (UAC) to confirm whether you wish to continue. This feature is available to all users, Lite and PRO.
  • Better Integration with Connectify Community 
    • The best way to get support is to search the new Connectify Community site, and if your issue hasn’t been addressed, post a new question. Both our support team and the actual developers of Connectify are moderating the community on weekdays, and it really is the best place to start if you’ve got an issue. To that end, the support links in the software now point there, too.
  • Support for Different Resolutions / Sizing Options
    • With Windows 8 we’re seeing computers with high resolution monitors, and users with custom sizing in the Control Panel’s Display Sizing options. Connectify now supports all different resolutions.
  • New Driver
    • The Connectify driver has been upgraded to fix the problem that caused certain network adapters to lose Internet connectivity when using Connectify. This may mean that you need to reboot during install.
  • Resolve Activation Issues
    • Connectify fixed issues that some users were experiencing signing in for the first time, and activating the software.
  • Fix for Installer Requiring Extra Reboot
    • Connectify fixed an issue where, on some systems the installer insisted on a reboot, even though none was necessary.

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